Adrian Gomar is a Spanish composer and creative entrepreneur based in Paris, France. As a senior music composer, Adrian holds a Master in classical and electronic composition from Conservatoire de Paris (CNSMDP) and started his career as an avantgarde composer. His music has been presented around the world at venues like Théâtre du Châtelet, Teatros del Canal, Merkin Hall and Kursaal. He’s co-founder of the Grup Mixtour orchestra, who aims to renew the experience of classical concert by using amplified instruments and creating aesthetically contrasted spectacles mixing music, dance and theater.

As a cultural entrepreneur, he becomes co-founder of Lonofi in 2019. Using an AI-driven audio engine, Lonofi is an app making it possible for everyone to craft their own soundscapes. Lonofi has become since a key player in mobile music creation platforms and is sponsored by the Google Start-Up program.

As a media composer, he has written and produced the original soundtracks of videogames Malkyrs, Drift into Eternity, Roots of tomorrow, and has worked in half a dozen more. He enjoys working closely with developers and thinks that interactive music is not only the present of videogame music, but also the future of music.